Anal Sacculectomy

Anal Sacculectomy FAQs

Both dogs and cats have a small anal gland that should express and empty naturally when they defecate. Unfortunately, some canines and felines can have issues with the natural expression of this small sac. When the glands do not empty properly on an ongoing basis, it can have severe implications for your pet, including issues with anal gland infection and impaction that may call for an anal sacculectomy. At Trumbull Animal Hospital in Miami, we treat this condition on a regular basis. 

What are the signs of anal gland problems in dogs or cats?

If a dog or cat has an anal gland impaction or anal gland infection, you will typically notice a few telltale symptoms that something is wrong. Some of the most common symptoms of anal gland problems in either dogs or cats include: 

  • Dragging or scooting their butts on grass or carpet on a regular basis 
  • Showing signs of straining while defecating 
  • Making pained noises while defecating  
  • General malaise or signs of not feeling well 
  • Lack of appetite 
  • Excessive licking of the rectal area 
  • Lack of bowel movements 

What causes anal gland impaction or infection?

Some dogs and cats are naturally more likely to have issues with anal gland expression than others. This lack of fully emptying the contents of the anal gland can lead to an impaction, which can subsequently lead to an infection. Some dogs and cats need veterinary assistance or owner assistance to properly clear out their anal glands. In the most severe cases, dogs or cats may need to have an anal sacculectomy to remove the small sac due to ongoing issues with infection or impaction. 

Are cats as likely to have anal gland problems as dogs?

Dogs are far more likely to have issues with anal glands that require an anal sacculectomy than cats. Dogs are more likely to eat things that can cause issues with their anal glands, but a dog's glands are also typically larger and more prone to issues. Nevertheless, it is important to watch out for anal gland infection or impaction if you have a cat because surgery can still be necessary if your feline has issues. 

Talk to a Veterinarian about Anal Sacculectomy Procedures in Trumbull 

Even though the anal gland removal procedure is not something that is always necessary, it can be a procedure that can make a big difference in the health of your pet if they have certain issues. If you would like to learn more about anal gland issues or believe your pet has issues, reach out to us at the Trumbull Animal Hospital in Trumbull, CT to schedule an appointment. 

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