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Pocket Pets

Caring for Pocket Pets

Small animals can make for wonderful companions, especially if you live in a tight space or don’t want to care for a larger animal like a cat or dog. That said, it’s smart to find a veterinarian who has experience treating pocket pets. You can trust our veterinarian at Trumbull Animal Hospital to care for your pocket pets.

Caring for Pocket Pets

Most veterinarians are well educated and have plenty of experience working with animals. However, some vets focus mostly on cats, dogs, horses, livestock, and other large animals. Pocket pets have their own unique needs.

Pet owners should be aware of the individual needs of their small animals. They should also work with vets who know how to provide care for pocket pets.

Selecting the right diet for your small pet is important. Often, you can use dry food, but fresh fruits, nuts, insects, and other foods are also important.

Small pets are often fragile. They need to be handled with care. Some small pets are territorial and won’t appreciate housemates. Others may suffer undue stress if they’re left alone. A companion may be wise. You can talk with a vet about the best housing and rooming conditions for your pet.

Compared to cats or dogs, many pocket pets are more finicky with temperatures. An environment that is too warm or too cold can quickly harm or kill your pocket pet. Air ventilation is also vital to a pet’s health.

Just remember, rats require different care than mice. Rabbits need a different diet than chinchillas, and ferrets are fun but require special care. There’s a lot to consider when providing proper small pet care.

The Right Vet for Your Pocket Pet

If you own a pocket pet and live in or near Trumbull, get in touch! Our veterinarians have plenty of experience working with small animals.

Contact us at Trumbull Animal Hospital and schedule a pet exam for your pocket pets!

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