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Importance of Annual Wellness Exam

Ongoing veterinary care is an essential part of keeping your pet safe and happy. An annual wellness exam is critical in keeping your pet healthy. At Trumbull Animal Hospital, we take the health of your pet seriously. Our team will be on the lookout for possible health issues that could impact your pet if left unchecked during his or her exam.

What Is a Wellness Exam?

A pet wellness exam is a clinical examination done to detect any diseases or conditions and ensure that your pet is functioning at his or her best. Our veterinarians recommend taking your pet for the wellness exam at least once a year unless advised otherwise.

The Importance of the Pet Wellness Exam

At the Trumbull Animal hospital, we encourage pet owners to understand why they should take their pets to our clinic for a pet wellness exam. The following are the importance of the wellness exam for your pet:

Early Detection of a Problem

Taking your pet to our office for an annual exam is essential for detecting problems in him or her early on. Spotting a health problem early enough is beneficial for your pet so that we can start treatment before the condition has any severe effects on his or her health.


During a wellness exam, necessary vaccines are distributed to your pet that same day. Vaccines, like rabies vaccines, usually need boosters to remain more effective in your pet. With vaccines, we can help ensure your pet stays healthy and lives his or her best life.

Evaluating Weight and Nutritional Needs for Your Pet

At your pet's wellness exam, we can also recommend the weight and nutritional care your pet may need. Weight issues in pets can have a negative effect on their well-being. Proper assessments of your pet's nutritional needs play a crucial role in maintaining his or her proper weight and health.

General Monitoring

During your pet's wellness exam, you can learn what is happening to your pet and what you must do to maintain their health. We encourage you to ask any questions you may have about aiding your pet's wellness care at home. Our veterinarians will also keep tabs on your pet's health condition and inform you about any changes you need to be aware of.

Get Quality Regular Pet Medical Check-Ups in Trumbull, CT

Trumbull Animal Hospital offers help to pets by providing pet wellness exams and quality grooming services. Our team is committed to providing the care your pet needs to maintain his or her happiness. Contact us today at 203-747-8850 to book an appointment or learn more about how we can help.

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