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Common Pet Problems

Common Pet Problems

Skin issues, parasite infestations, and poor oral hygiene are some common pet problems that new and experienced pet owners often face. If your canine companion has been scratching a lot lately and seems to have difficulty falling asleep, contact one of our associates at Trumbull Animal Hospital to set up an appointment to have your pet examined. Here are some pet problems our veterinarians commonly see at our urgent care center.

Veterinarians Provide Standard and Urgent Care Services

Standard pet services include annual exams, dental checkups, flea and tick preventive measures, the administration of immunizations, and spaying and neutering procedures. Some urgent care services, which would be considered an emergency pet care need include surgeries, poison treatment, and heat-related sickness treatment.

Our veterinarian is trained to diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions. Most treatments are administered in our animal hospital. Certain conditions may require attention at home through the administration of medication or topical treatment. For example, consider flea treatment.

If fleas are causing your dog distress, flea drops will be applied to their shoulder blades. You will need to clean your pet's bedding and fabric coverings that your dog has come into contact with, to eliminate flea eggs or fleas that are inside of your home. Our veterinarian will provide you with a topical ointment, which can be applied to sores on your pet's body.

Proper Care Techniques Should Be Implemented

If your pet is relatively healthy and lives a happy, comfortable lifestyle, you do not need to make any changes in your routine. Still, it is important to bring your in for a routine veterinary exam at least once per-year. This allows our veterinarian to monitor your pet’s conditions, provide vaccinations, and address issues in your pet’s health as they arise.

Emergency Pet Care in Trumbull

At Trumbull Animal Hospital, our veterinarians have years of experience providing reliable urgent care services. For more information on common pet problems, emergency pet care, or to schedule an appointment, call us at (203) 268-6231.

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