Pet Eye Infections

Recognizing and Treating Pet Eye Infections

Eye infections cause numerous uncomfortable symptoms in pets that require medical intervention to prevent significant complications. Understanding common symptoms and causes of these infections can help you get your pet the puppy or kitten care needed to ensure it remains healthy in the future. Trumbull Animal Hospital in Trumbull, CT, is here to tell you the symptoms and causes of eye infections in pets and how we can treat them.


Symptoms of Eye Infections

Your pet may experience multiple different symptoms when dealing with an eye infection. Some of the most common symptoms include:

    • Excessive tearing and blinking
    • Consistent pawing at the eyes
    • Eye discoloration
    • Light sensitivity
    • Squinting
    • Yellow or green discharge from the eyes

When dealing with an eye infection, your pet may have swollen and red eyes and have difficulty moving around without bumping into objects. Contact your veterinarian if your pet exhibits any of these symptoms.

Causes of Pet Eye Infections

Pet eye infections have numerous causes, and diagnosing the cause is vital to proper treatment. The most common causes of eye infections in pets include:

    • Scratched corneas from running or jumping outside
    • Allergies
    • Viral and bacterial infections
    • Dry eyes or obstructed tear ducts
    • Various breed-specific or disease-related conditions

You need to have your pet assessed by a veterinarian to ensure you do not treat the infection with leftover medication that will not solve the problem. Proper puppy care or kitten care requires the correct diagnosis.

Common Pet Eye Infection Treatments

Most eye infections are easily treatable, with the treatment varying based on the cause and severity of your pet’s condition. The typical treatment regimen may include:

    • Eye drops or ointments that include topical steroids
    • Antibiotics for bacterial infections
    • Enhanced allergy treatments
    • Tear-enhancing medications for pets with dry eyes
    • Wearing a cone or Elizabethan collar to prevent pawing and scratching
    • Pain relief medications to reduce your pet’s discomfort

Some infections can reoccur due to continued contact with contaminated bedding, carpeting, or other household materials, so you should wash or dispose of those items following some infection diagnoses to avoid reinfection.

Maintain Your Pet’s Health and Well-Being by Visiting Trumbull Animal Hospital If your pet is dealing with an eye infection and needs veterinary care, contact Trumbull Animal Hospital in Trumbull, CT, today. Our vet can evaluate your pet’s condition and determine the best treatment possible to ensure it can see clearly and comfortably again. Call us and schedule an appointment today at (203) 268-6231 to keep your pet healthy and happy.

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