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Pet Dental Care Services with our Trumbull Veterinarian

Most pet parents understand the importance of exercise, nutrition, play, preventive medication, spay and neuter, and socialization for their pets. But at Trumbull Animal Hospital of Trumbull CT, our vet staff wants local pet parents to be aware of how important proper pet dental care is, too!

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Why Pet Dental Care Is Important

Healthy teeth and gums help your cat or dog live longer and avoid harmful pet dental disease.

Think about it: infected gums (periodontal disease), broken or missing teeth, infected teeth, or oral lumps and bumps can be very painful and make it difficult for your pet to eat and chew its food. Plus, bacteria (which love plaque and hardened tartar) can easily get into the bloodstream through infected teeth or gums. Bacteria can then go on to infect other organs within the body, including the heart, lungs, and even brain!

Making an effort to keep your pet's teeth and gums healthy is also cost-effective for you. The small investment you put into regular oral maintenance (through routine exams and at-home care) pales in comparison the amount of money spent on treating pet dental disease. Whenever possible, prevention is always ideal!

Signs of Pet Dental Disease

Common signs of pet dental disease include missing or broken teeth, bad breath, vocalization during eating or chewing (a sign of pain), dropping food, bleeding in the mouth, and lumps or bumps near the mouth.

It's important to note that many dental disease problems can develop for a long time without any obvious signs. It is only through routine pet dental care that the earliest signs of a dental health problem can be detected and then managed. 

Pet Dental Problems and Oral Maintenance

At our clinic, we can connect you with our Trumbull Veterinarian who can evaluate, examine, and clean your pet's mouth during routine pet dental exams. These are done with your pet under anesthesia for maximal animal comfort (it also allows us to more thoroughly inspect your pet's entire mouth). 

If a problem is identified, our staff can implement the most appropriate treatment, which may include tooth extractions, nutritional supplements, and other interventions. We'll also teach you how to brush your pet's teeth at home using vet-approved techniques and tools. It's easier than you think, and the earlier you start the habit, the better! 

Is It Time For a Pet Dental Exam? Contact Trumbull Animal Hospital

Give our Trumbull veterinarian team a call at (203) 268-6231 and bring your sweet animal in for a pet dental exam soon!

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