Pet Rabbits

Do You Have a Pet Rabbit and Need a Veterinarian Who Specializes in Small Animals and Exotics?

At Trumbull Animal Hospital we treat many small pets including rabbits and exotics. If you have a house rabbit he or she should visit a vet who understands bunnies at least one time a year for check-ups. And then as needed for urgent care if they show signs of physical distress and need medical assistance. We serve Trumbull and the surrounding areas with quality veterinary care ranging from wellness visits to urgent sick pet visits. We treat domestic and exotic pets alike.

Rabbit Veterinary Care

Rabbit Veterinary Care Consists of Regular Wellness Exams to Keep Your Pet Healthy 

A rabbit can be a rewarding pet to have around the house. They are soft, cute, and even have veritable personalities much like a cat or dog. Much like a dog or cat, a rabbit should have a yearly veterinarian visit for a physical check-up of their body and teeth to check for common problems adult rabbits deal with and to check for and treat parasites. 

When you bring your rabbit in we will do everything we can to keep him/her calm and ease any anxiety they may have over a new environment. Be sure to bring in their past health records, remember to bring up and concerns you may have, and bring them a familiar environment such as a small kennel with their bedding or a blanket. We want to be able to examine your pet while they are content as possible, so we can get a picture of normal to compare if they get ill in the future, and so your rabbit will remain calm and happy. 

If You Do Need Hospital Care For Your Exotic Pet, Trumbull Animal Hospital Is Here.

We treat exotic pets, small pets, pocket pets, dogs, cats, and everything in between. If you are looking for a veterinarian who understands rabbits and will treat your pet with expert and gentle care that will put both you and your pet at ease then you've come to the right place with us.

Contact Us to Schedule a Pet Wellness Exam For your Rabbit.

Call us at Trumbull Animal Hospital to schedule an appointment for your rabbit or other household pets. We would love to meet your furry pal and it is best if their first time in our office is a well-pet visit, so they can get to know us in a calm and pleasant atmosphere. We serve Trumbull and the surrounding areas with quality veterinary care. Call today, (203) 268-6231.

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