Veterinary Care for Birds at Trumbull Animal Hospital

At Trumbull Animal Hospital in Trumbull, Connecticut our team offers veterinarian care for many types of animals. Our regular and urgent veterinary care is available for your dogs, cats, rabbits, birds and other exotic animals. 


Veterinarian Care for General Bird Wellness

  • It's important to have your pet bird seen regularly by a veterinarian for general wellness exams. Our vets can educate new bird owners about specific bird needs such as heat and light, temperature requirements, and the optimal general habitat. The vet can educate a bird owner about what signs to look for if your bird needs critical or urgent care.
  • Establishing and building a relationship with a veterinarian is recommended. At regular visits a vet will document your bird's vitals, most importantly, it's weight. Weight loss in a bird is a good indicator of health problems.
  • There may be vaccinations that are commonly given to domestic or exotic birds that your vet would recommend.
  • Nail and beak trimming should be done by a veterinarian or a trained vet tech. Doing this alone or without training can be difficult and dangerous. At annual or regular vet exams a vet will be able to detect any nail or beak irregularities or deformities that need attention or treatment.

Recognizing when your Bird Needs Urgent Care

Birds inherently camouflage symptoms of disease or poor health. In the wild, showing signs of illness could present as weakness to other animals, making a sick bird prey to predators. In many instances, once symptoms are present in a bird, the bird is already quite sick. 

Some signs that your bird may need urgent care:

  • Difficulty breathing, weakness, and loss of appetite are all symptoms that may be indicators of an illness or a problem that requires treatment. 
  • Feather plucking. This can be an alarming condition for bird owners. If your bird begins aggressively plucking its feathers you should see a vet fairly quickly. It may be related to a behavioral or emotional issue, but it could be something more physically detrimental. 
  • Aggression. Talk to your vet about any new behavior that you believe to be aggressive. It could be emotional but it could also indicate a more serious physiological problem.

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We invite you to browse our site to learn more about our staff and services. At Trumbull Animal Hospital in Trumbull, Connecticut we are committed to the health and wellness of your pets. Give us a call at (203) 268-6231 to schedule an appointment.

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