Tumor Removal

We at Trumbull Animal Hospital in Trumbull, CT, provide various services to care for your pet. Getting pet care from a veterinarian on our veterinary team allows your pet to lead a longer and healthier life. We are proud to offer the residents of the local area veterinarian care they can rely on to treat and monitor health and developing conditions such as tumors. 

Dog Tumor

Surgical Tumor Removal

Tumors can appear on your pet for various reasons. Sometimes tumors can be benign or they may be a symptom of a condition such as cancer. Bring your pet to a veterinarian on our veterinary team for diagnosis and treatment to ensure pet tumors are addressed appropriately.

The tumors pet conditions create may develop fast and range in size and shape. Sometimes, they may develop quickly and warrant a trip to the emergency vet if the condition is severe. Most tumors can be operated on and removed. In some instances, a vet on our team may advise against it if this approach aggravates the condition or the removal wouldn't benefit your pet.

Ongoing Treatment

In many cases, the tumor is just a symptom of another underlying or developing condition in your pet. Once the tumor is removed, there is a chance that your pet may need ongoing treatment to address the root of the problem. Consult with a veterinarian on our team to ask questions and get the education you need to understand the issue and which treatment options offer the best results and quality of life.

Keep in mind that sometimes treatment may be to manage the condition or treat discomfort but may not prove to be a cure.

Get Pet Care for Pet Tumors from a Veterinarian on Our Veterinary Team

If you would like to learn more about tumor removal or any of the other products and services we offer at Trumbull Animal Hospital in Trumbull, CT, contact us. You can call or stop by the clinic to speak to one of our helpful office staff. They can schedule appointments and wellness exams and provide you with treatment costs, service details, payment options, and more.

We are committed to helping you care for your pet through every stage of life and giving you the tools and insight necessary to provide the best outcome. Reach out to us today to get started. Let us work with you to help your pet stay healthy and happy. Call us at (203) 268-6231 for pet care and more information from an emergency vet about tumors pets might end up with.

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