Eye Lid Tumors

Eyelid Tumor Types and Treatment

Eyelid tumors can look scary and be quite uncomfortable for your pet. Most are benign, however, if they grow too large they can interfere with eyelid functioning. Trumbull Animal Hospital is a full-service veterinary facility. Our veterinarian can perform tumor removals safely and effectively in Trumbull, CT.


The Types of Eyelid Tumors

There are several types of eyelid tumors. The most important distinction is between adenoma and adenocarcinoma. Adenoma tumors are benign, while adenocarcinoma tumors are cancerous. While benign tumors aren't life-threatening, they can interfere with the eye or disfigure the animal.

Tumors of the meibomian gland are the most common. Most are benign, but some are cancerous. Other types of malignant eyelid tumors include squamous cell carcinoma and melanomas, which are skin cancers. These are not likely to spread to other parts of the body. In most cases, the removal is successful. Other types of non-malignant tumors include histiocytoma (a skin tumor) and mastocytoma (a mast cell tumor).


Small eyelid tumors can be monitored. However, your veterinarian may recommend early removal, because the tumor is more difficult to remove as it grows larger. Small tumors can be trimmed and then treated with cryotherapy. This treatment doesn't require sutures, which can speed healing time. Larger masses will require complete surgical removal. Sutures are used in these cases.

Laser therapy can be used to remove smaller tumors as well. This method destroys the tumor, so a biopsy can't be performed after the removal. However, it offers a faster healing time without the need for an E-collar after the treatment.

In most cases, your pet will need general anesthesia for the procedure. Some smaller tumors may be removed using a local anesthetic, depending on the temperament of your furry friend. After surgery, your pet may need to wear an E-collar while the eyelid heals. Antibiotics, lubricating eye drops, and pain medication may be prescribed as your pet recovers.


In 85-90% of cases, the tumor doesn't return. If the tumor is malignant, further treatment may be needed in some cases. There can be a slight deformity or discoloration of the eyelid, but most pets make a full recovery with no issues after they have healed from the operation. Proper suture placement, eyelid reconstruction for larger tumors, and post-operative care are important steps to achieve a healthy outcome.

Pet Tumor Removal in Trumbull

If your pet is developing an eyelid tumor, it's important to seek treatment quickly. At Trumbull Animal Hospital, we are experienced with tumor removal. We are a full-service animal hospital that can meet all of your pets’ needs. Call us today at (203) 268-6231 to make an appointment.

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