Everyone loves relaxing with their pets, but when it’s time for vacation or other types of travel, not every trip is pet-friendly. Our team at Trumbull Animal Hospital understands the close relationships between pets and their human parents. That’s why we know you’re concerned about leaving your animal in the best possible hands while you’re away. That’s why our pet boarding facility was designed to provide a calming atmosphere while also being equipped with everything your pet could need, from daily provisions to emergency care.

Your Pet’s Home Away From Home in Trumbull

Your pet will stay in their own comfortable space at our boarding facility, complete with a skylight to mimic natural outdoor light and maintain circadian rhythms. Pets can also enjoy outdoor playtime in a safe and inviting fenced-in space. Our vets and staff know that pets grow accustomed to an established daily schedule. That’s why we will imitate their normal routine as closely as we can. 

We strive to feed pets according to the same schedule used by their owners at home to make the transition as easy as possible.  Our pet rooms are climate-controlled to keep temperatures comfortable and relaxing. Dogs have the chance to go on multiple walks each day when they stay with us.  Besides cats and dogs, feel free to discuss with us about whether or not our boarding facility can accommodate your exotic animal. Our team at Trumbull Animal Hospital knows you want to ensure your pet will be well cared for, so we welcome you to our boarding facility for tours to view for yourself where your pet will spend their days while you’re out of town.

Round-the-Clock Access to Veterinary Care

Besides making every effort to give your pet a peaceful and safe environment during their stay, perhaps the most valuable advantage of pet boarding at Trumbull Animal Hospital is that your pet will have access to medical care from our veterinarians 24/7. Even healthy pets can experience unforeseen emergencies. When you are on vacation, you can count on our professional veterinary staff to notice any red flags in their early stages and provide the necessary health care needed.  In addition, pets who need special care as part of their regular routine will benefit from staying at our boarding facility. Your pet will have access to an on-call vet for constant monitoring and immediate intervention if any problems arise. 

Contact Our Vet Team for Pet Boarding in Trumbull

Trumbull Animal Hospital will happily house your pet to ensure you are a worry-free while away from home. Our veterinarians are committed to providing pets the care they need to live happy and healthy lives. Call us today to schedule your pet’s next veterinary exam or to learn more about our boarding facility. 

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