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Does your pet seem to have lost the spring in his step?  Is he getting older?  Does he seem to be hurting when he walks or tries to run?  It could be an orthopedic problem.  More specifically, your pet could be suffering from any number of orthopedic problems having to do with his knees.  It used to be that these kinds of problems were something you just had to deal with as part of your pet's aging process.  Fortunately, at Trumbull Animal Hospital our veterinarians are trained in one of the most advanced veterinary orthopedic procedures known today, TPLO Surgery.

What is TPLO Surgery, and Which Veterinarian in Trumbull Practices It?

TPLO surgery, or tibial-plateau-leveling osteotomy, is a surgical procedure that stabilizes a knee joint that has degenerated over time.  The exact cause of knee degeneration is not always known, but certain breeds, including Labradors, Rottweilers, Boxers, West Highland White Terriers, and Newfoundlands are predisposed to having this problem.  Other factors, such as obesity and hormonal imbalances, are also thought to be a factor in canine knee joint degeneration.

In TPLO surgery, the veterinarian cuts a part of the main leg bone, the tibia, and rotates it to prevent the femur from sliding down when the dog puts his weight on his leg.  There are other procedures that are used to stabilize the knee, but TPLO surgery has proven itself as not only being effective in long-term treatment, but is fast to heal as well.

Since its development, TPLO surgery has been proven to be highly effective (as much as 90 percent) in allowing dogs to return to an active and athletic lifestyle with no post-operative complications.  There is also rarely a need for any long-term pain-relieving medication.

Speak to Our Veterinarian to Learn More about TPLO Surgery

At Trumbull Animal Hospital in the city of Trumbull, our veterinarians practice a wide variety of medical procedures to benefit your pets.  If you are like most of our clients, your pet is a part of your family.  We treat your pet just like they were a member of ours as well.  If you suspect that your pet has a problem with his legs, the best course of action is to have him examined at Trumbull Animal Hospital, where our veterinarians can give you a qualified judgment whether TPLO surgery is right for your pet.  If so, your pet could be in for many more happy and healthy years of pain-free life.  Why not come in today to see whether your pet could use our TPLO surgery for that new way to a happy, active life?   

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