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Toxic Ingestion

What to do About Pets and Toxic Ingestion

If your cat, dog, or other pet has swallowed something toxic or dangerous, such as a battery, powerful cleaners, or dangerous chemicals, contact an emergency vet right away. It is unwise to delay or try at-home treatments as seconds may count. Our staff at Trumbull Animal Hospital is standing by and an emergency vet is ready to help.

When to Contact an Emergency Vet

Toxic ingestion doesn’t always result in an emergency trip to a veterinarian’s office. If you have a large dog and she swallows a small piece of chocolate but seems fine, you may not need to rush to an emergency vet. On the other hand, you may not have even seen your dog, cat, or other pet swallow anything but if she is vomiting, whimpering, is very sensitive to the touch, drooling excessively, or suffering severe diarrhea, it may be due to swallowing and digesting a dangerous substance.

Most things dangerous for humans to swallow, such as cleaners, chemicals, batteries, glass, or coins, are also dangerous to cats, dogs, and other pets. If something dangerous has been swallowed, our veterinarians may be able to remove it before it causes serious health problems. Some things are distinctly dangerous to pets but not humans. For example, chocolate is toxic for dogs. So too are grapes, some types of nuts, Xylitol (an artificial sweetener), or anything with caffeine.

If your pet has swallowed something dangerous, our veterinarians may need to pump your pet’s stomach and remove the toxic substance. Activated charcoal may be used to soak up the toxins. In some cases, surgery might be required to remove something life-threatening. No matter what treatment is needed, time is of the essence. You must act quickly when it comes to toxic ingestion.

Treating Toxic Ingestion for Pets in Trumbull, CT

If your pet has swallowed something dangerous, you need to bring him or her to an emergency vet right away. Our veterinarians at Trumbull Animal Hospital are well-versed in emergency pet care, and we will do everything we can to help your pet. If you have any questions about toxic ingestion or would like to schedule a routine checkup, call us today at (203) 268-6231.

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