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Trumbull Animal Hospital grooming IS OPEN. PLEASE CALL 203-268-0257. LEAVE A MESSAGE TO SCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT.

Here is a little bit about our new groomer:

Megan has been a professional dog groomer for the last 16 years; a graduate of CT K-9
Grooming School and Gateway Community College with an associates in Entrepreneurial
Studies. Her next adventure is grooming for Trumbull Animal Hospital. In her spare time she and
her father are licensed wildlife rehabilitators with the state of Connecticut. They specialize in
pigeons and starlings. She also enjoys breeding and showing Valencia Figuritas a breed of very
small pigeons. You can also spot a few chickens, spiders, fish, and a turtle “running around” her
home as well. She has dedicated her life to the service of helping all animals the best she can,
including your dog.


 Dear Clients of Trumbull Animal Hospital,

I hope you and your families are well. I hope you are holding up as much as you can during this stressful time. I’m writing to share with you an update regarding our facility’s precautions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

I feel I need to start by sharing that the staff and myself entered into this field because we are committed to helping animals. Our job is to look out for the wellbeing of your non-human family members. We want to be able to continue to do just that.

My staff and I have been receiving a lot of questions about when clients will be allowed back into the hospital. I fully understand the desire to be with your pet during an exam. I share that desire. Personally, I prefer clients coming into the hospital and being able to have a direct conversation about their pet. I find it much easier to provide the best treatment plan while having a face-to-face conversation with a client. I find it much less personal doing appointments over the phone. As your veterinarian, I have really missed those interactions over the last several months. That said, we have had clients ask when they will be able to enter the building in many different ways, some nice and some not so nice. We have had clients storm in and demand to be seen and threaten to leave the practice if they are not allowed to come into the building with their animal. We understand that this is a trying time for all of us. We ask that you consider the position we find ourselves in at the animal hospital as we try to practice as safely as possible

In addition to animal anatomy, physiology and numerous other areas, my veterinary education provided in-depth training in virology, immunology and disease transmission. I am putting that training to use as I weigh our risks and possible courses of action at the animal hospital. Since mid-March, we have been practicing without clients coming in the hospital. Curbside visits take much longer and require much more staff to complete. As a result the staff and myself have been working since March taking as many appointments as possible. My staff and I have been working without lunch or breaks in order to get everyone in. We have been backlogged with appointments and have offered drop offs to accommodate sick animals. I can say the staff has worked incredibly hard to maintain the highest caliber of care for your pets.

In order to continue providing care, the staff at Trumbull Animal Hospital has to be my highest concern. Everything that happens at the hospital is my responsibility. It is my job to protect the staff and keep them healthy. Not doing so would mean that we could not be there for you and your non-human family members. I have numerous staff members with chronic illnesses or several who are currently pregnant. It is my job to keep them as safe as possible. The hospital waiting rooms and exam rooms do not allow for appropriate social distancing. To be honest, the hospital is a perfect place to spread a virus.

The hospital will be closed to clients to come into the office until further notice. We will be doing curbside appointments. It is a decision that I have made to best protect my staff’s health and in turn provide the best possible medical care for your non-human family members.


Dr. Ian Ostrover DVM

Trumbull Animal Hospital prides itself on being a veterinary center serving Trumbull, CT. It is our veterinarian team’s goal to provide our clients and their pets with the quality vet healthcare and consideration they deserve. We understand that your pets are more than just animals, they are family members. We hope that your family will choose to become part of our vet family as well. We are currently providing healthcare services for cats, dogs, rabbits, reptiles, pocket pets, and exotic pets. 

Our Veterinarian Staff

Our team of trained animal experts has founded their practice on a love of animals. Our clinic is headed by Dr. Ian Ostrover, Dr. Wendy Roberston, Dr. Melissa DeFabrizio, Dr. Hellthaler, Dr. Tarsi and Dr. Carmella. This team is made up of licensed, experienced and passionate individuals. Our first priority is always your pet’s well-being. You can always rest assured that your pet will receive the attention and professional treatment they deserve during exams and procedures.

Our Approach to Healthcare

In our clinic, we believe that pet owner education is the foundation to promote the long term health benefits for pets. This is why we love to take the time to invest in educating our clients on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle for their animals. This education includes discussing your pet’s nutrition, exercise and other lifestyle habits that can greatly affect their health. This type of education is crucial to your confidence as a pet owner. Beyond this, we take the time and attention to customize a treatment plan to help your pet get back to their healthy self as quickly as possible.

Whether your pet needs regular check-ups, routine exams, or you need advice on how to best maintain your pet’s health and wellness, you will find our clinic to be your veterinary care headquarters for domestic and exotic pets.

In addition to these services, we also offer boarding and grooming services for our clients. Our newly remodeled facility provides a welcoming environment in which your pets will love to call a home away from home. During their stay, your pets will be treated with the same care and concern that you would provide at home.

Emergencies and Surgeries

If your pet’s health takes a turn, and you find that they are in need of surgery or emergency care, you can rest assured that we have the staff, knowledge, and equipment to provide everything that your pet needs. Our staff is trained to handle most pet emergencies as well as surgical procedures. In addition, our staff will provide a positive and supportive environment for your family during this stressful time.

Your Local Veterinarian in Trumbull

If you are a pet owner living in the Trumbull area, call Trumbull Animal Hospital at (203) 268-6231 to book an appointment. We hope that you choose to be a part of our family and that we can help provide your pet with a healthy and happy life.

  • Dr.
    Ian Ostrover,

    Dr. Ostrover grew up in Easton and Trumbull.  He earned a biology degree from Eastern Connecticut State University. He attended Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine and completed his clinical rotations at Colorado State University. In 2010, Dr. Ostrover moved back to Connecticut and started working at Trumbull Animal Hospital. He purchased the practice from Dr. Kellner in 2014. Dr. Ostrover’s interests are surgery, injuries and treatments associated with athletic/working dogs, medicine, exotic species, ultrasound and just about anything else that is challenging or out of the ordinary. His goal as a practice owner is to provide the best medical care to his patients.  He strives to create an environment at Trumbull Animal Hospital that allows for a cohesive enjoyable work experience for the entire staff and ultimately builds a strong animal care team. 

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  • Dr.
    Wendy Robertson

    Dr. Wendy Robertson, an associate small animal veterinarian at Trumbull Animal Hospital,already knew as a ten-year-old growing up in Ridgefield, CT, that being a vet was her dream.That’s the year she became involved with the local dog shelter and a non-profit cat rescueorganization. From her volunteer work there with homeless dogs and cats, her true passion anddesire to become a veterinarian sprang.Early on her mother warned her that veterinary medicine is not an easy job of “playing withkittens and puppies all day.” Taking hold of that challenge, Dr. Robertson found a localveterinarian who allowed her to volunteer in his practice at the age of 14. She has worked insmall animal veterinary practice ever since.After her growing up years in Ridgefield, Dr. Robertson moved to Virginia during high schoolfollowed by undergraduate studies in microbiology at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and StateUniversity (VA Tech). 

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  • Dr.
    Katherine Tarsi, DVM

    Dr. Tarsi grew up in upstate New York and graduated with commendation from the University of Glasgow School of Veterinary Medicine. She has a special interest in the human-animal bond and a passion for helping people take the best care of their pets. She had the pleasure of participating in the foundation of a program to assist homeless owners take care of their dogs while at Glasgow. Her other interests include diagnostic imaging and soft tissue surgery. Dr. Tarsi lives at home with her husband Grant, her daughter Eloise and their 12-year-old Brittany Spaniel named Hunter.

  • Dr.
    Melissa DeFabrizio

    Dr. De Fabrizio attended Rhodes College in Memphis, TN where she obtained her Bachelor of Science in biology while also volunteering at local animal hospitals and shelters. She worked as a veterinary assistant in her hometown of Toronto, Ontario before attending Tufts University, where she received her doctorate in Veterinary Medicine.

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  • Dr. Danielle Hellthaler, DVM

    Dr. Hellthaler grew up in Trumbull, CT before attending Stockton University in New Jersey, where she graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in biology. During school breaks, she worked as a veterinary assistant, and also coached gymnastics at the local YMCA. She then went on to pursue her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Missouri. After graduating she moved back to Trumbull, where she now lives with her cat, Maya.

  • Dr.
    Rachel Finneson, DVM

    Dr. Finneson was born and raised in Stamford, CT. She graduated from theUniversity of Connecticut with a Bachelor’s of Animal Science in 2016. She went on to attend Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine on the beautiful island of St Kitts. She completed her clinical training at OregonState University while enjoying the hiking and scenery the PacificNorthwest has to offer. She graduated with her DVM in 2020 and returned back to Connecticut with her two rambunctious Kittitian Coconut Retrievers, Steve, and Lily. She has a special interest in oncology, pathology, and shelter medicine. In her downtime, she enjoys reading, cooking, and traveling.


Read What Our Clients Say

  • "Dr. O and staff are wonderful. Everyone takes the time to listen to concerns and truly care for their patients."
    Carol K.- Trumbull, CT
  • "Great doctor and nurses. Made my new puppy feel like he was home. I won't have an issue getting him back here!"
    Matthew S

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