Wendy Robertson

Dr. Wendy Robertson, an associate small animal veterinarian at Trumbull Animal Hospital,already knew as a ten-year-old growing up in Ridgefield, CT, that being a vet was her dream.That’s the year she became involved with the local dog shelter and a non-profit cat rescueorganization. From her volunteer work there with homeless dogs and cats, her true passion anddesire to become a veterinarian sprang.Early on her mother warned her that veterinary medicine is not an easy job of “playing withkittens and puppies all day.” Taking hold of that challenge, Dr. Robertson found a localveterinarian who allowed her to volunteer in his practice at the age of 14. She has worked insmall animal veterinary practice ever since.After her growing up years in Ridgefield, Dr. Robertson moved to Virginia during high schoolfollowed by undergraduate studies in microbiology at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and StateUniversity (VA Tech). 

A standout student with, by then, multiple years of experience working inveterinary clinics, Dr. Robertson was one of an elite group of students admitted to theVirginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine in Blacksburg, VA, after only hersophomore year. She was awarded her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 1995.Initially after obtaining her DVM, Dr. Robertson practiced primarily equine medicine insouthwestern Virginia. In 2000, family circumstances brought Dr. Robertson home toConnecticut and back to small animal medicine.After working in both small animal general practice and small animal emergency medicine, Dr.Robertson found her home at Trumbull Animal Hospital in 2008. Dr. Robertson’s professionalinterests include small animal internal medicine particularly cardiology and endocrinology,geriatric medicine, pain management and feline medicine.When not working at Trumbull Animal Hospital, Dr. Robertson enjoys spending time with herhusband, Darryl, daughter, Emily, their dog (Bailey), four cats (Isabelle, Gracie, Chloe andSimba) as well as nine fire-bellied toads (Spotty Dot, Croak, Toad, Hop, Sally, Plunk, Chunk,Dude and Murray). Bailey is often seen during her time filling in as a receptionist at TrumbullAnimal Hospital.With 13 marathons and an ultra (Bimbler’s 50K 2018) under her belt, Dr. Robertson is an activerunner, equestrian and outdoor enthusiast often frequenting the Trumbull Rail Trail.

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